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Computer Tune-Ups

Your computer requires basic preventative maintenance.  A computer tune-up will ensure that your computer is running as fast and efficient as possible.

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Virus and Malware Removal

We perform a complete and thorough malware/virus removal on infected computers to ensure that the system is fully clean and secure.

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Data Backup & Data Recovery

Back up your important data such

as pictures, videos, music and documents.

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Internet Connectivity

Are you having trouble getting any of your devices online, such as computers,

smartphones or tablets?  If so, we can get

them working.

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Computer Learning

Training & Guidance

Do you have questions that you would like answered, or to be shown how to do something on your computer?  We are available to provide you with the appropriate guidance as needed.

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Program Errors & Crashes

Program errors and crashes can be frustrating and difficult to fix.  Our tech experts are skilled at resolving these kinds of issues.

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Computer Setup & Software Installs

Computers and mobile devices run various software applications.  From Microsoft Office, Adobe and other third-party software installed on your computer.

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Microsoft Windows

Windows is the most commonly

used operating system for PCs.  Optimize features and functionality.

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WiFi Connectivity Solutions

Wireless internet connectivity is a convenient and useful technology that many devices utilize.  We can assist with connecting, troubleshooting and securing a wireless connection.

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Antivirus & Security Software

Antivirus and security software is a must to protect against threats and security issues.  However, these types of software require proper configuration to effectively protect your computer.

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