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Data Backup


Data Recovery

Why backup your personal files?  One of the main reasons to back up and save important and personal files is if a system crash or hard drive failure occurs.  Backing up files on a regular basis will reduce down time and give you peace of mind with your personal files.  Your files and data may contain financial information, medical records and family photos with a lifetime of memories.  Performing a regular backup to an external hard drive, flash drive or cloud service will keep your files available when you need them.

Your vital data is central to everything you do.  Whether it is for a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, we can help set up a backup plan so that your documents and data are always protected.  Data backup is not just something for big companies.  Think of all your personal information, correspondence, treasured pictures, and documents that could be lost in an instant, and you’ll understand why performing regular backups of your data is so important.

A local backup consists of a stand-alone hard drive that physically attaches to your computer to collect and store regularly scheduled backups.  Cloud backup services saves your data to a secure server on the internet, which can be accessed at any time.  Cloud backups can be expanded or downgraded depending on the amount of data you need to save.

A hybrid backup system combines a ‘local’ physical drive with cloud storage for added security. Hybrid backups are handy for storing large files such as music, photos and graphics, videos and more.  This helps in preventing your computer from getting bogged down with gigabytes worth of data you don’t use all the time.  Periodic backups can be scheduled around your life so that you don’t have to give it a second thought.  Backups can be scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly.   Scheduling backups around your schedule, ensures minimal disruption to your day-to-day routine.  Best of all, you don’t even have to click a single button, as it’s all done for you.

Should there be any crashes or issues that cause you to lose data, your backups are always available.  Even if you lose your computer completely, due to fire, theft or other catastrophic events, your data can be restored to a new computer.

Some potential issues that would require utilizing your backed up data include:

  • Accidental deletion of files or programs

  • Malicious deletion of files or programs

  • Catastrophic damage due to flooding, fire or other disasters

  • Virus or malware infection

  • Needing to restore access to your files in the event of unwanted changes

Having instant access to all of your files allows you to relax and get on with your life.  You’ll never worry whether there is something further you should be doing to protect your data.  Start backing up your files today and have that piece of mind of a more secure and complete tech environment in your home.

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