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  • Wireless network installs

  • Protect and secure personal information 

  • Privacy

Antivirus Software 6.jpg
  • Computer scans

  • Identify and remediate viruses and malware 

  • Update and maintain virus and malware software 

  • Hardware setup and installs

  • Operating system installs

  • Software installs and configurations

  • Data backups

  • Data recovery

  • Hard Drive replacement

  • Hard Drive crashes and errors

  • Computer diagnostics and scans

  • Sluggish response

  • Hangs or freezes during tasks

  • Slow system load time

  • Cleanup of unnecessary files

  • Improve computer performance

  • Comprehensive introduction to computers

  • Navigating Microsoft Windows 

  • Work with files, folders and applications

  • Hands-on computer learning 

Internet Connectivity 2.jpg
  • Get online and browse the internet

  • Resolve slow and frustrating connectivity

  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues

  • Installation and reinstallation of Windows

  • Windows updates and upgrades

  • Organization of documents, photos and music

  • Configuration and customization of Windows environment

  • Troubleshoot error messages

Identity Theft 4.jpg
  • Protect against viruses and malware

  • Reduce your risk and vulnerability

  • Secure your files

  • Defend against unwanted malicious downloads

  • Create a valuable peace of mind

Computer Crash 1.jpg
  • Programs need to be updated

  • Conflicts with other software

  • Settings need to be re-configured

  • Computer virus or malware

  • Driver issues or conflicts

  • Hardware or firmware issues

  • Compatibility issues

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